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What is Waste Heat? 

Waste heat is released into the surrounding atmosphere as a byproduct of a machine or other process doing work. All processes give off some waste heat as a fundamental result of the Laws of Thermodynamics. For example, lights, internal combustion engines and electronic components get warm when in operation.

What are the benefits of using Waste Heat?

Waste heat (or cold) can often be utilized by another process reducing additional fuel consumption. In some instances, waste heat utilization can reduce a project's capital expenditures associated with installing additional boiler capacity, etc. 

How can GreenTech Energy support?

GreenTech Energy has expertise from the design phase through installation of waste heat solutions in marine and shore-based industrial applications. We support all areas including data-driven waste heat assessment, scope generation, return on investments (ROI) assessments, engineering, delivery and installation. Typical waste heat projects may include:


  • Waste heat quantification.

  • Engine cooling water.

  • Steam optimization.

  • Exhaust heat capture.

  • Pre-heating.

  • Peek shaving.

  • Waste heat turbines. 

  • Flare reduction.

  • Exhaust gas utilization.  

  • Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC).

  • Heat storage.

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